Fun plugins that you can run on your game servers, such as SourceMod and CraftBukkit.
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Team Fortress 2

Medkit Drops

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Players will drop medkits when they get killed. After a while, the medkit will disappear if no one picks it up. This plugin has many convars you can customize to change the type of medkit, holiday skins, gravity, overheal and so on.

Powerup Drops

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Players will drop Mannpower powerup runes when they get killed. It will work on any map and gamemode regardless of whether it is Mannpower Mode or not. It's great for fun servers that want to augment the typical deathmatch gameplay, or just make it completely stupid.



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Implements a well-known imageboard feature into Minecraft server chat. There are no permissions or commands; it works for all players.

Supported versions: CraftBukkit build 798 - CraftBukkit build 1720 (Beta 1.5 - Release 1.1)