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Twitter is not an art gallery.

Stop using Twitter to upload your artwork.
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Stop using Twitter to upload your artwork. Here's a few things no one wants to do when looking at your profile:

  1. Read your political thoughts and social commentary, no matter how important you think you are. We just want art. If you didn't upload your art to Twitter, then you'd actually have people interested in your opinions following you.
  2. Be interrupted by retweets or "signal boosts" from people we don't care about. If we cared, we would follow them directly. Because of you, we have to manually mute each one or mute all your retweets entirely.
  3. Be bombarded with unfunny meme GIFs, screenshots and other clutter inbetween your art uploads. There's no way around it and it wastes everyone's time.
  4. Being forced to endlessly scroll instead of having a simple, paginated, easy-to-use gallery overview.

Even as an artist, uploading to Twitter is extremely annoying. There is no easy way to organize or tag anything I upload, and no way to edit old posts. If you delete anything, you lose all your "engagements", which effectively wastes all your time spent in the first place. Eventually, your Twitter profile fills up with infuriating out-of-order reposts and duplicates.

Upload your artwork to a place that people can easily search, tag and view all of your art. Your audience will appreciate it.

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